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OT for R&C III: Here We Go Again

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Salvete! For any of you that may not know me, I’m Overthinkers, usually seen lurking in the Discord server making snarky remarks and/or getting beaten to the banhammer by Kawaii regularly. I took a full break from NationStates last March and have been slowly working my way back to activity, and this election cycle I feel the time is right to pick my old job back up in the Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry.

I served two terms as MoR&C from August 2018 to February 2019 (when I started my hiatus). During that time I played to my strengths and focused on organization, adding some infrastructure to the ministry. I divided the Ministry into three departments, each with a different focus, and helped to match new citizens with the ministries they expressed interest in. I stayed on top of citizenship audits and faithfully kept the roster and masking up-to-date.

This time around I intend to come at it from a different angle: that of personal interaction. This term I want to lead better by example and personally reach out to new residents as well as citizens, build relationships, and help them find their niche in TWP. I also want to build up R&C staff so that I (and future ministers) won’t have to tackle the workload alone.

As usual, I’m more than happy to field any questions you may have about my campaign (or not about my campaign) here in this thread. Thank you for your time.


(Pretend the images are centered. Mobile life sucks.)

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