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[PASSED] Commend Common Territories

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Hello everyone, there is also a new proposal in the Security Council chamber too! My recommendation for the vote is FOR since that this resolution is an RP-based commendation, and it has managed to have no illegalities within it. However, being an RP-based commendation, there isn't much to go on for this Ministry to go on to conclusively make an argument for one side nor the other. Therefore, this recommendation should only be taken lightly. As always, please feel free to deliberate and voice your opinions down below!

Security Council Resolution At Vote

commend.pngCommend Common Territories

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: common_territories__619258t2.pngCommon Territories

Proposed by: kuriko__822851t2.jpgKuriko

The Security Council,

Believing that any nation that has contributed in a positive manner to the international community should be internationally recognized for their efforts;

Noting that a nation named The Empire of common_territories__619258t2.pngCommon Territories, colloquially known by the acronym of TECT, is one such nation deserving of international recognition for their positive contributions to the larger community of nations;

Acknowledging that although TECT is an imperialistic monarchist nation formed through civil war and conquest, as well as the odd purchase of land from foreign governments, the government of TECT is even handed with their subjects and provides many benefits to them such as:


  • Allowing their subjects to form their own governments and control their own internal affairs within the Imperial Colonial State system.

  • Allowing Imperial Colonial States to form their own internal military structures, known as the Home Guard, to better defend themselves.

  • Providing a better policing structure to protect all members of their society, whether they come from the main Empire or from an Imperial Colonial State.

  • Providing many jobs through the expansion of local and Imperial industries, raising the quality of life in conquered or purchased territories to be equal with members of society within the main Empire.


Recognizing TECT for the help they provide to the international community via state sponsored industries, including but not limited to the following:


  • Wolf Armaments Incorporated, a large arms manufacturing company based in Empire City, TECT. Wolf Armaments Incorporated sells arms, equipment, and supplies intended for self-defense uses to nations and individuals alike. It is the belief of this state sponsored company that nations, as well as individuals, have the right to defend themselves.

  • Royal Bancroft Bankcorp, a banking/financing services/investment Corporation based in Empire City, TECT. Royal Bancroft Bankorp provides three main amenities to their customers in the form of banking, finance, and investment. While a majority of their customer base may be within their own Empire, they also provide their services to foreign individuals and governments. Some of the governments they provide accounts to include lamoni__924713t2.pngLamoni, romaian__228233t2.pngRomaian, and argentinstan__396329t2.jpgArgentinstan.

  • Commoner League Incorporated, a mercenary and paramilitary organization based within TECT. Commoner League Incorporated provides forces to both individuals and foreign entities for the purpose of security, where they place loyalty to the customer above all else. Within its 3 year operation Commoner League Incorporated deployed forces to dozens of nations, providing forces which those nations desperately needed themselves.


Admiring TECT's dedication to the empires, kingdoms, and monarchies of the world through their leadership in the Imperion Coalition, which is a political, military, and economic alliance for the betterment of their sphere consisting of 15 nations;

Reaffirming that TECT is more than deserving of international recognition and commendation for their contributions to the international community;

Hereby Commends The Empire of common_territories__619258t2.pngCommon Territories.

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