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My Platform for the Ministry

Hey TWPers! Rizorien here again to inform you that yes, I am running for a second term! I will be continuing my record from the last three months and making new content. Without further ado let's jump right in.

Past Accomplishments:

(my last campaign for reference is here)

In my previous campaign I stated that the MoE's purpose is to "Educate and actively engage new players in the happenings of TWP". I also communicated I wanted to get "everybody involved with something, even if it's just something simple." Proceeding to expand on that, I created three points of activity I could perform to make that statement a reality. 

1. Create basic original MoE content for reading

2. Create a puppet nation  to archive all relevant historical and educational documents @https://www.nationstates.net/nation=twp_ministry_of_education

3. Popularizing said nation through visibility on the WFE

In hindsight I did fairly well. While my method evolved through my term, to one that didn't depend very heavily on the puppet nation, I created basic content that would help new players.  In my next term I will incorporate the puppet nation to index my articles in one place. I had previously posted them to the WFE under my personal nation. Of course I was listed on the WFE as the MoE which drove traffic to my articles. I even included a region wide TG as suggested by my fellow NS player Deneria. 

In this term I will be focusing on the community aspect of the MoE to further my vision stated above. I conducted a poll in which the users voted on what they wanted me to write next, and out of 80 votes, History of TWP had an overwhelming majority of 52 votes. I'm surprised at the turnout myself. That poll had the most user votes out of any poll within the last month! I will be focusing on writing that article this term, which will require a lot of dedication. Also in this term will be two more Ministry Collaborations with R&C and WA. How to answer NS Issues and a guide on writing WA proposals. I'll be meeting with WaR and Deneria to facilitate that.

My proposed activity if elected this term is:

1. Indexing my new and existing articles along with other relevant historical information in https://www.nationstates.net/nation=twp_ministry_of_education

2. Writing guides on How to write NS Issues and How to Write WA proposals

3. Creating a complete History of TWP outline.

4. I will also update you on my progress via my subforum which I started last term. It can be found over here at 


Overall, my platform for the MoE is of community involvement. I want to see a TWP where players are informed about the region's history and how to play the game. From my experience there is more motivation to be involved and to succeed if you know why you are doing it in the first place! If there is someone who is dedicated to doing those things, fostering the next generation of TWPers will be easier. After all, renowned players such as Darkesia, Mediobogdum, and Halo Rahl all have one thing in common. They all knew what they were doing in TWP and why they were doing it. In short, they got Educated. By someone. So please support me as I once again go to bat in this esteemed office of grand responsibility! As always, please put questions, comments, hate mail, and support in the comments! Thanks for reading!


Former Deputy Minister of Education

Current Minister of Education

Running for reelection as Minister of Education

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