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Dilber for R&C

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My name is Dilber, and I am currently running for R&C Minister.  I have a long (mainly old) history in TWP, and I am interested in becoming more involved in our current system.


As Minister of R&C, I would do my best to help us retain new members to the region, and place them into activities that would help boost their interest.  My experience in both NS and other games have taught me effective ways of recruiting and retaining members.  I believe that a greater focus on the forum and RMB will help boost activity.  While I would not be in charge of IA, I would work with other ministers to put into place programs to boost said activities.

WIth all of the recent talk about the TWPAF, I believe that a greater focus on recruiting for the military is important.  The Military is one of the few jobs in NS where the "work" doesn't always feel like busy work.  Clear paths to promotion can help with retaining newer members, while also teaching them game mechanics and WA mechanics.

I would also like to create "teams" to support the RMB more than is already done.  This would be similar to the older "CommRangers that TAO put in place a long time ago."

Finally, I would also like to create a secondary channel to direct new players to on the discord and forum (which we have somewhat already) related to history.  Nationstates is a game with vast amounts of lore and history, and teaching newer players about the lore and educating them about opportunities to "contribute" to the lore.  People want to play and become recognized, and teaching people about how others managed to be recognized years later can be an important step in early-retention.



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