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Saint Mark

Celebration of The Lord of Doll Guldur

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On this first day of May, two thousand and nineteen,  in celebration of

The Lord of Doll Guldur,
I, Marcarius Halo Rahl, Dragon-Emperor of The West Pacific, name
Mediobogdum, Royal Duke of The West Pacific, a Xia of the
Martial Order of Ching Shih:
for extraordinary service to TWPAF.


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Well, I am most sincerely humbled at the honour...  My record as an ardent supporter of all things about The West Pacific is not nearly as long as many other stalwarts of the region, but I have always tried my best to become involved in as many aspects of the region's affairs as possible.  I will wear the Order with great pride. 


Westwind, I thank you for your sage advice and guidance during what was for me at times a rather difficult birth into the West Pacific :)

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