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[DEFEATED] Repeal: “Liberate Confederation Of Corrupt Dictators”

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Hiya folks, a new resolution just entered the chamber and I think this one is the worst I have seen so far. My recommendation is STRONGLY AGAINST AT ALL COSTS (NO EXCEPTIONS) (sorry for all caps, it's just that this resolution is just horrible), as it is extremely deceptive at best and wasteful drivel that should have not been graced with a vote in the chamber. Most of the resolution does not make the case on why the target region should no longer be condemned, and rather in a joking manner,  it goes on into irrelevant matters that do not relate to the business of the council. Why was this given a vote? What even? This resolution is so horrible that I am not gracing a debate nor a poll over it as it does not earn that kind of respect!


Security Council Resolution At Vote

Repeal: “Liberate Confederation Of Corrupt Dictators”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#263

Proposed by: shrewllamaland__937042t2.pngShrewLlamaLand

Security Council Resolution #263 “Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Appreciating the reasoning behind SCR#263.

Concerned that various points outlined in the aforementioned resolution misrepresent the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators(herein “the Confederation”).

Frustrated at the implication the Confederation indoctrinates its nations; one need only sip at a glass of Monet & Chardon to know that it is the finest champagne of all NationStates.

Confirming that the Confederation’s founder – ‘viceroy’ would be a more appropriate term – is indeed of an executive nature, preferring tea to coffee and assisted by a commendable team of secretaries, undersecretaries, secretaries for those undersecretaries and undersecretaries for their secretaries, valets, chefs, drivers, gardeners, tennis partners and middle-aged yachters.

Admitting the Confederation holds embassies with other regions liberated by this Security Council; joyously recalling the last “They Gave Us a Badge!” extravaganza, in which nations of liberated regions came together to celebrate most innocently, participating in activities including but not limited to the consumption of coned ice cream and the petting of small marsupials (shrews, koalas, etc.).

Hoping, as SCR#263 did certainly strive, to discourage nations from openly using this Security Council as a weapon against regions that, quite evidently, do not deserve persecution.

Hereby repeals SCR#263: Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

Co-authored by jocospor__920815t2.jpgJocospor.

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