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[Defeated]Commend Paffnia

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I have no reccomendation of how to vote on this resolution. If you do have an opinion, please do share. 



commend.pngCommend Paffnia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: paffnia__554173t2.jpgPaffnia

Proposed by: kuriko__822851t2.jpgKuriko

The Security Council,

Observing that commendations are Security Council resolutions authored to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of nations that contribute in many ways to their home regions and the international community;

Recognizing the fact that the nation of paffnia__554173t2.jpgPaffnia, having been formed 8 years ago, has contributed in immense ways to 10000 Islands (XKI) through many government positions as well as the international community as a member of the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO);

Listing the contributions of the nation Paffnia to the inter-regional community as follows:

• Being a member of the defender military TITO, where they have served with distinction for over seven years and completed almost 350 missions. In this capacity they have risen to the rank of TITO Knight Legion Commander and been decorated with many medals, including the 10000 Islands Distinguished Service Medal for distinguished leadership to TITO and the Islands, the Order of the Islands Medal for excellent service or actions to the region and its community, the Commendation Medalwhich is awarded for exemplary services that have raised the quality of life within XKI as a whole, and the Meritorious Service Medal for individual excellence in an operation and ongoing good conduct abroad.

• Taking part in many high-stakes deployments to Feeders and Sinkers to combat coups against lawful regional governments, for which they were awarded medals to commemorate their participation. These medals include the Osiris Defense Medal for deployment to the newly created Sinker in 2011 which allowed a native regional government to arise, the The South Pacific Liberation Medal for deployment to the Feeder region during the Milograd coup of 2013 where over 3,000 native nations were purged from the region, and the Lazarus Liberation Medal for deployment to the Sinker region during the New Lazarene Order coup of 2015.

• Taking part in 11 refound operations to make founderless regions safe once more without the threat of being raided, some of which are well-known operations. These operations include the refounding of The Skeleton Army, Deutschland, Australia, Hogwarts, and Greece.

• The upkeeping of a record of featured regions of NationStates since 2011 within The Great Library of the 10000 Islands. The scholars of Paffnia strive to keep this list as up-to-date as possible as well as keeping track of other notable accomplishments of 10000 Islands and its inhabitants internationally.

• The authoring of SC Resolution #93: Commend The Featured Region Followers, thanking the region for steadfast commitment to preserving and honoring featured regions World Factbook Entries.

Further Listing the contributions of the nation Paffnia to the region of XKI as follows:

• An 8 month term elected as Senator for Lyonnesse East between 2011 and 2012, where Paffnia sat on the Council of 9 (Co9) and was in charge of guiding the national royal families from each nation. In this capacity they spearheaded the establishment of the House Cup and Shield Competitions as well as founded and still maintains the XKI Family Tree.

• A 4 month term elected as Senator for New Republica South during 2014, where Paffnia was in charge of keeping the international political parties of the region on track and functioning. In this capacity they began political party games and competitions to keep the political parties active.

• Two terms as Senior Senator, where Paffnia was in charge of writing and publishing the Council Report to the community on discussions within the regional government and votes that took place.

• An 8 month term appointed as Minister of Labor during 2015, a permanent seat upon the Co9, where Paffnia was in charge of hiring government officials and keeping various regional government ministries functioning by regularly posting regional government openings. Paffnia also currently occupies the same position since February 2017, where they have argued for government transparency and written a bill compromised upon by separate factions to make that transparency come to happen.

• A 6 month term elected as World Assembly Delegate and head of Foreign Affairs for XKI between 2015 and 2016, where Paffnia started the trend of using region-wide dispatches to gain the opinion of World Assembly members which every delegate afterwards has followed.

• Holding the position of Registrar General from March 2018 to the present, where they have nobly performed their duty to record and release the votes and laws passed by the Co9 within the regional Law Archives.

Believing that with all of the accomplishments of the nation Paffnia both at home in XKI and abroad, they are deserving of recognition by the Security Council of the World Assembly;

Hereby Commends paffnia__554173t2.jpgPaffnia.

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