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[Passed] Repeal "Commend Solorni"

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In the SC we have a Repeal of "Commend Solorni". Halo has voted for this resolution and as WA minister I recommend following his example. As always this is just a recommendation, please discuss below what you feel on the topic.

Repeal: “Commend Solorni”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#252

Proposed by: yokiria__711690t2.jpgYokiria

Security Council Resolution #252 “Commend Solorni” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Regretting that this repeal proposal must even exist.

Observing solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni's sudden resignation of the position of Queen of Balder, a title they held for half a decade, after confessing to heinous crimes against the community they are Commended for serving.

Disgusted by solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni's gathering of unique support to their causes in Balderbeing found by subsequent investigation to be from the exploitation of at-risk nations in the region.

Disturbed by the discovery that the reign of Solorni in Balder was built through the exploitation of these at-risk nations.

Noting that the original Commendation references solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni's contributions to the security and stability of Balder, when solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni has been exposed as the chief security threat, rather than the chief security administrator they were upheld to be.

Knowing that the original Commendation references solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni's previously beloved residency in Europeia.

Revealing the fact the subsequent investigation, by which the information in this Repeal has been based upon, is an investigation from the Europeia security team that once trusted solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni immensely.

Dismissing the original Commendation's claim of solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni being a world-renowned diplomat as no longer relevant, based on the fact they are being summarily exiled from all the regions they negotiated treaties with during their career.

Saddened that a nation revered for their leadership, community building, and outreach on critical social issues has now been exposed for deep corruption.

Aware of what we must do in response.

Hereby Repeals SC#252 Commend solorni__261065t2.pngSolorni

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