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[Passed] Condemn New World Order

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So! I haven't really made up my mind on this one and would really appreciate it if some of you more experienced players who may have been around through the ordeals described in this proposal would share your thoughts.


Condemn United World Order

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: united_world_order__156728t2.jpgUnited World Order

Proposed by: the_macabees__312215t2.jpgThe Macabees

The Security Council,

NOTING that United World Order, also known as the Fourth Reich and the Ordenite Reich, is a totalitarian state built on the Nazi ideology.

HIGHLIGHTING United World Order's use of mass forced labor based on ideological and racial grounds in Krasnova. Despite a shortlived ejection of United World Order from the country, slavery has been re-instated since Krasnova's reoccupation by the Reich. An estimated 100-200 million Krasnovans are currently held as forced laborers.

DISMAYED with the practice of imprisoning in concentration camps and executing enemies on political, racial, and ideological grounds on the United World Order mainland. There are an estimated 20–30 million Ordenites living in concentration camps on the mainland, apart from another 70–100 million living as forced labor. Furthermore, an average of 10,000 political prisoners are executed each year.

SHOCKED by United World Order's crimes against humanity and mass murder in South Panooly and Krasnova, including,


  • The death of 45 million indigenous Plánol people during the Ordenite occupation of South Panooly and the War of Panooly Reunification.

  • 50-100 million Krasnovan deaths as part of an ongoing systemic program of racial and ideological cleansing.


KNOWING United World Order's allegiance to and aid of the_kraven_corporation__459982t2.pngThe Kraven Corporation, noted as a threat to the international order by the World Assembly under SCR #61 "Condemn the Kraven Corporation" in 2011. Such activities include,


  • Supporting The Kraven Reich's inhumane occupations of several innocent states in Gholgoth, including large swaths of jagada__988183t2.jpgJagada and vetalia__97351t2.pngVetalia.

  • Allowing any death ship belonging to The Kraven Reich to dock at its ports in Greater Dienstad.


AGHAST at the butchering of thousands of defenseless prisoners of war after an escape attempt from Stalag 487B during the Second Krasnovan War.

APALLED by the illegal arrest and perpetual imprisonment of foreign ambassadorial staff, including the staffs of Varessa and Defaultt2.pngOsea 767 after the First Krasnovan War. Furthermore, these prisoners have not received trials or been the subject of due process.

STUNNED by the forced removal of 700 million Scythians from their historic homeland in the Ordenite province of Deutsche Scythia, a humanitarian crisis abated only by the subsidized settlement of the majority of Scythian refugees by the_macabees__312215t2.jpgThe Macabees, commended by the World Assembly under SCR #237 "Commend The Macabees" in 2017.

CONCLUDING that United World Order represents the opposite of international peace, stability, and order, all tenets nurtured and protected by the World Assembly.

HEREBY condemns united_world_order__156728t2.jpgUnited World Order.

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My biggest thing with this is that it is purely an RP proposal, and I don't know what to do with that. :P I voted against, mainly because I didn't see anything badgeworthy here, but the detail and effort that must have gone into the proposal (not to mention the years of RP and worldbuild that seem to have led to this) impress me.

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Yeah, the work on the proposal itself was really something. I still didn't think it was right to give it to a nazi nation, was surprised it got passed too. I'd encourage the author to write more for worthy nations and regions though.

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