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I've been thinking how to do a nice campaign... but I had a rough week and my body hurts, so I will go in the simple way:

- Last period I tried to develop a serie of updates in our internal data base, to have a control. This job if is true that is going, is not done, there is so many information to fill, so I want this period to finish that global update, so for the next periods (me or whoever) just do simple updates of the foreign envoys or our envoys.

- I've been working in a template of code for each forum of our friends, by the moment the one is missing are the forums like our, that use "WYSIWYG" (What you see is what you get), since it does not admit BBcode that simple. So there is another point to finish.

-I've been watching the dispatchs templates that Ele, Dali, Fujai and Dilber has been showed time ago, to develope an exclusive template for the Diplomat Corps, this with the Intention to give update to that regions that does not use forum for diplomat updates like "Unknown".

- Last Time, Dali request a kind of internal update for The Hall of Nations, I did it when the new Delegate (Hail Halo) took position, but was not a fancy one, just a simple message on discord. My next target is develop a template for internal reports and if possible give them each month. I cannot say that mandatory each month, first I would need to talk with the MoFA Victory Kawaii Wintony, to know what would be "[REDACTED]" and what can be given. But as Mandatory, if I develope the dispatch-update, that one will be included in the internal update.

And That is it.

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