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OT for Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry

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Greetings! I think it's safe to say that y'all know who I am, given the various other duties I perform in TWP. When Halo became Delegate, I was asked to take over his previous position as Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry. Of course, I've barely had time to move into the new office before I have to defend it at the polls. So I'm here to discuss what I can bring to the table as R&C Minister.

The Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry's job, as defined by the Manners, is to "reach out to residents of The West Pacific to encourage them to become citizens, participate in the military, newspaper, ambassadorial corps, and other governmental activities," and to "keep statistics of citizenship and recruitment activities." As a feeder, we have no shortage of potential recruits, but new nations are seldom interested in participating in our government. The job of the R&C Minister is to get them interested, integrated, and involved.

One of the ways in which I intend to do this is by reviving the New Nation Greeting Squad. With my student schedule allowing me to be lurking on the RMB throughout the day, I will be able to perform much of these duties myself, but with more coordination and communication, I think we can find ourselves a solid team of citizens eager to guide the lost.

New applicants are asked when they apply if they would be interested in joining ministries, and if so, which ones. I plan to reach out to applicants with some basic information for the ministries in which they have shown interest, and to pass along their names to the heads of the respected branches so they, too, can follow up on them. If they lose interest, it should not be because we haven't done our best to show them the way.

Finally, regular updates and advertisements should be sent out in-game, so that residents know what they're missing out on, what citizens are doing, and how they can join in the fun. It can get annoying to the uninterested, but sometimes you have to be a little annoying to get results. That's how my peers frequently forced me into doing things I now enjoy in real life, at least. >_>

That about covers it for now. As always, I am open to your questions, comments, suggestions, objections, etc.

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