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[in Queue] Condemn Chan Island

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Good evening, TWP!

Coming up to vote in the Security Council is a proposal to condemn chan_island__225130t2.pngChan Island. This player has been a well-known and respected soldier of some of the most notorious and successful raider orgs including, but not limited to, DEN, The Black Riders, The Brotherhood of Malice, and the early iteration of The Invaders (before their reputation went down the drain around early 2017.) It should be noted that while Chan was in DEN and The Black Riders, they were not involved in the predator scandal. As a former comrade, having had served alongside Chan in The Invaders back in 2016, I can attest to their skill and character, and as such they have my full endorsement for their badge of honor.

As your WA ministry, I highly encourage you to vote FOR this condemnation. 

Note to those unaware: Condemnations are viewed as badges of honor among the raider community. To get one is one of the highest honors one can receive. 

You can read the proposal in full here:


Security Council Proposal
ID: ransium_1539908993

condemn.pngCondemn Chan Island

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: chan_island__225130t2.pngChan Island

Proposed by: ransium__384995t2.jpgRansium

The World Assembly,

Aware that national leaders across the multiverse are constantly confronted with dilemmas that present no good solution or whose outcomes unexpectedly negatively impact their countries;

Convinced that the source of many of these problems are the covert operations of a single nation, who acts to unleash chaos and mayhem onto the multiverse;

Presenting the nation of chan_island__225130t2.pngChan Island (which has re-branded itself in a desperate attempt to escape the crimes of its former regime annihilators_of_chan_island__596331t2.jpAnnihilators of Chan Island), a nation whose desire to spread chaos across all nations is so great that few leaders have been spared the vexation of dealing with its actions;

Shocked to trace at least twenty-four distinct covert operations that impact nations across the multiverse to the regime (fifteen originating from the Annihilators of Chan Island, nine from Chan Island);

Finding each unearthed effort more reprobate and villainous than the last, but, for the sake of brevity, summarizing a few of the most heinous as follows:


  • Operation: That Sinking Feeling - wherein Annihilators of Chan Island were ultimately responsible for the sinking of a passenger ship, killing all occupants while making international emergency services look completely inept;


  • Operation: Police on Overkill Mode? - wherein Annihilators of Chan Island encouraged internal discord in various nations by highlighting and exaggerating police brutality;


  • Operation: Dial L for Loan - wherein Annihilators of Chan Island covertly encouraged cash-strapped nations to take advantage of weaker states for national gain, thus fomenting international strife;


  • Operation: Have War Crimes, Will Travel - wherein Annihilators of Chan Island secretly encouraged world leaders to violate international safe conduct passes in an effort to make an unfavorable environment for international diplomacy;


  • Operation: Guided Missiles and Misguided Men - wherein Chan Island repeatedly leaked information in order to force national leaders into the impossible position of either killing innocent children in a drone strike or letting an infamous terrorist escape;


  • Operation: So... That Worked - wherein Chan Island encouraged civil wars in nations across the multiverse;

Noting the Annihilators of Chan Island's direct assistance in the occupation and destruction of numerous regions including:


Clarifying that Annihilators of Chan Island was not a participant in the use of illegal super-weapons by the latter two organizations;

Concluding that some nations seed chaos in the multiverse merely for the pleasure of watching it burn and that such nations must not go unchallenged by this august body;

Hereby condemns chan_island__225130t2.pngChan Island.

Co-Authored by lord_dominator__921893t2.pngLord Dominator.


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It should be noted that our Delegate Neenee has thrown her hat in the ring and Approved the Proposal  :)

This, together with my past involvement in some of the more interesting occupations, leaves me with a definite inclination to vote "FOR". Therefore, I shall do exactly that!

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