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[at vote] Repeal: “Convention On International Oil Spills”

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Due to being a repeal and for being written by our friend from Osiris, Lord Dominator, I am recommending a vote FOR this resolution. 

Click to read in full:


General Assembly Resolution At Vote

Repeal: “Convention On International Oil Spills”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#444

Proposed by: lord_dominator__921893t2.pngLord Dominator

General Assembly Resolution #444 “Convention on International Oil Spills” (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: Mining) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Applauding the resolution at hand for its work at improving the environment,

But Concerned that clause 3 of the resolutions micro-manages member nations to a degree that may be harmful to the resolution's mission by:

  • Mandating technologies that may be or are obsolete in some member nations,

  • Using vague language regarding maintenance and inspections such as "every couple of years" and "regularly,"

Saddened that clause 4 also lists a number of technologies that may become or already are obsolete in member nations,

Believing that the micromanagement and excruciating specificity inherent in this resolution:

  • Will leave nations unable to adapt to better technologies,

  • Potentially wastes resources following mandates that aren't necessary in all nations,

  • Includes strong suggestions that overstep reasonable bounds of the WA with instructions for spill clean-up that are better left to individual nations to determine properly,

Incensed at the needless re-treading of ground already covered in part by Responsible Offshore Drilling and Reducing Spills and Leaksand yet leaving regulation of reduction and clean-up of wildlife impact uselessly vague,

Bemoaning the listed flaws and occasional poor grammar usage,

Repeals GA 444 "Convention on International Oil Spills."


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