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[at vote] Liberate Federation Of Conservative Nations

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After consideration, I am now recommending a vote AGAINST the current SC resolution as the negatives would outweigh the benefits. In the future if the founder has Ceased to Exist and this resolution is re-submitted, the stance will change. However, as it stands, I am herby changing my recommendation to AGAINST.


click to see the resolution:


Security Council Proposal
ID: sonoraland_1538258949

liberate.pngLiberate Federation Of Conservative Nations

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Federation of Conservative Nations

Proposed by: Chilet2.pngSonoraland

The World Assembly,

Clarifying the Federation of Conservative Nations is not Founderless as of now;

Horrified at the Region's tolerance and presence of blatantly racist and homophobic material behind closed doors;

Appalled that they portray themselves as "Conservative" so as to conceal their true identity;

Noting the Region has assisted KAISERREICH, Liberated by SC #245 in Military Operations such as on The Commie Confederacy and others;

Also Noting KAISERREICH's Army, notorious for it's own attempts to enforce their Fascist ideology on other regions, has joined the Army of Freedom, the raiding force of the FCN;

Abhorred by their attempts to eliminate ideologies they disagree with using raids;

Believing a Liberation would leave the region open to invasion after the Founder is gone;

Certain that this Liberation will warn other regions which portray themselves as "Conservative" when in reality embrace fascist ideals and accept these views within their hallowed halls.

Hereby Liberates Federation of Conservative Nations


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