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[Passed] Liberate Confederation Of Corrupt Dictators

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Please vote FOR this resolution which will prevent a fascist region from being able to put up a delegate imposed password once it goes founderless, allowing the region to be targeted for invasion in the future. Feel free to discuss below.

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Security Council Resolution At Vote

liberate.pngLiberate Confederation Of Corrupt Dictators

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Proposed by: lord_dominator__921893t2.pngLord Dominator

The Security Council,

Disgusted by the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators's open embrace of fascists and self-identification as such;

Observing without surprise that Confederation of Corrupt Dictators maintains diplomatic ties with several Nazi regions, including one previously liberated by this Assembly;

Concerned that Confederation of Corrupt Dictators may serve to indoctrinate new nations into fascism and similar abhorrent ideologies;

Exasperated by the region's previous attempt to commend themselves;

Aware that Confederation of Corrupt Dictators currently has an Executive Founder;

Hoping to warn both Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and future regions from promoting fascism, other such ideologies, and blatant use of this Assembly as recruitment and ego-boosting;

This Security Council hereby liberates Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.


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