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Long Term Inactivity

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It has been a while since I made my last jump, or triggering.

To be honest, I do like R/D, but since December I stop doing R/D, first because I felt mad with stuff of the past inside NS, then other serious stuff about my RL. For some good reason I am unable to jump or pile anymore, I am WA lock at least till August. And I can not trigger, since I am waking up earlier to check up some RL stuff and sleeping late working, so I can not schedule any raid. It is hard to me, because TWPAF was my refugee, and even when I hate the pink, it remembers me my favorite gals (friends/sisters), Yuno, Altino, Rigel... However, this is not a goodbye, I will not leave the server because still my family, but I do herby resign as a crewmate. Maybe in a future I will sign again. But by the moment I do need, to stop feeling bad when I see a ping, and I just mark as read, or ignore the ping. Because is awful being unable to help my friends, even if is a game, I still feel bad.


I hope and when I get back work hard to gain promotions, but by the moment this is it:


Khanter W. Molchaniye
Boatswain - TWPAF.

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