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[DEFEATED] Condemn Democratic Empire of Romania

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Security Council Proposal
ID: jocospor_1524989009

condemn.pngCondemn Democratic Empire of Romania

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: democratic_empire_of_romania__509344t2.jDemocratic Empire of Romania

Proposed by: jocospor__920815t2.jpgJocospor

The Security Council:

Defining democracy as "a form of government in which the people can vote for representatives to govern the state on their behalf";

Understanding that the practise of democracy is both common and beloved by many nations and regions, with one such nation being democratic_empire_of_romania__509344t2.jDemocratic Empire of Romania (hereinafter DER), along with the region it founded, The New Mappers Union (hereinafter TNMU);

Assured in this assertion by the publication of TNMU Charter, stating that the region seeks to uphold "direct democracy", "equality", and "free thaught";

Alarmed, however, that direct contradictions arise in relation to this charter and the actual behaviour of DER, and consequently TNMU;

Aware that the World Assembly delegate of most democratic regions wields executive powers, and that the delegate of TNMU, by the authority of DER, does not;

Disappointed to note that, as Founder of TNMU, DER retains the right to relieve elected government officials if it sees fit without the support of any other TNMU nation/s, be those nation/s governmental or otherwise;

Horrified to learn that several supposedly elected nations that serve as TNMU's government are secretive possessions of DER;

Disgusted that the autocratic DER has, in effect, falsely promoted TNMU's government as democratic, and has lied and continues to lie to TNMU's nations and the international community;

Concerned that the efforts of DER will, if unchecked, portray the practise of democracy in a damning light;

Fearing the rise of authoritarian regimes that masquerade as democracies, inspired by the actions of DER;

Predicting that said regimes would counteract the intentions of the Security Council and destabilise the world;

Convinced that the emergence of such regimes is entirely possible, considering TNMU operates as an international influence, holding 117 embassies;

Resolved therefore that preventive measures must be taken to ensure regional and worldwide stability in this matter, and that DER should be the first to answer for its abuses of power;

Hereby condemns democratic_empire_of_romania__509344t2.jThe Great Founder of TNMU of Democratic Empire of Romania.

We must not allow a mineshaft SC proposal queue gap! I must admit that I first read TNMU as TMNT. But in all seriousness:

What are the Turtles up to? The first thing that jumps into the eye is that the TMNT region has 5 nations in the WA. Now obviously four of those can only be representations of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. But who is the fifth one? Less experienced literature critics might see that one of them has a national motto written in an East Asian script and prematurely conclude that it can only by Splinter. Details matter, though. The motto is clearly written in Chinese while master Splinter is Japanese. Therefore we have to abandon this theory. Venus, the pink embodiment of the Smurfette principle has to be omitted from the pool of possible candidates too, for lack of evidence. In my mind the most likely scenario is that we're dealing with an unlicensed Chinese Turtles / Super Sentai crossover and the fifth one is a pretty unremarkable turtle with a green colour scheme (Super Sentai shows love their special green ranger) that has been inserted by the Chinese producers as a central stand-in for the local audience.

Now that we have conclusively established what scenario we're dealing with, let's have a look at what abhorrent practices the Turtles are accused of. The proposal rambles across several paragraphs how the top turtle (I assume Leonardo) acts in undemocratic manners while claiming otherwise. Last I checked, Ninja organizations are not supposed to be democratic. Obfuscating one's true motives also strikes me as good Ninja practice. Leonardo should not be condemned in this way. Quite the contrary! He should be lauded for being such an excellent specimen of exemplary Ninja behaviour. The only reasonable action therefore is to vote against this proposal.

tl;dr: Who? Against!

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