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Security Council Proposal
ID: scheinenland_1523745165

Repeal: “Liberate KAISERREICH”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#245

Proposed by: scheinenland__663340t2.jpgScheinenland

Security Council Resolution #245 “Liberate KAISERREICH” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


OBSERVING the Liberation of Kaiserreich as having no significant origin or catalyst other than being a target of several Liberations in succession for supposed Nazi regions;

APPALLED by the generalization of Kaiserreich as a Nazi region while disrespecting the vast majority that condemns Nazism;

UNDERSTANDING the difficulty in policing individual nations' political beliefs while remaining a region that observes the freedom of expression;

NOTING the lack of endorsement and repeated condemnation of Nazism by the government of Kaiserreich and its members of authority;

RECOGNIZING Kaiserreich as protecting the freedom of speech, expression, and religion, and never institutionally discriminating against any citizen of Kaiserreich for these reasons;

ACKNOWLEDGING the threat of invasion caused by the Liberation of Kaiserreich and the instability that could be caused due to such an action occurring;


Eurks. Proposed by a Kaiserreich resident. The usual "We have less than zero Nazis and you forcing us to police our nonexistent Nazis would actually make you, the WA, the real Nazis" line.

Holocaust jokes on Discord and RMB as well as antisemitic propaganda posters are a matter of public record. Whenever this resolution comes off the books, it should not be through a proposal by a Kaiserreich resident in which they get to paint themselves as the victims and some sort of martyrs for free speech.

Nuke it from orbit, take no prisoners, salt the land - against!

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