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[DEFEATED] Agricultural Invasive Species Act

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General Assembly Resolution At Vote

Agricultural Invasive Species Act

A resolution to develop industry around the world.

Category: Advancement of Industry

Area of Effect: Protective Tariffs

Proposed by: the_wallenburgian_world_assembly_officesThe Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices

Recognizing agriculture as the most fundamental industry of most member states,

Alarmed at the harms of invasive species of pathogens, weeds, and animals on agriculture and those employed in agriculture,

The World Assembly hereby,


  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, "invasive species" as non-native species of non-sapient life that, upon introduction into or nearby the agricultural ecosystems of a member state, significantly imperil the health or productivity of those agricultural ecosystems,


  2. Establishes minimum standards that regulate trade in order to avoid transference of invasive species,


    1. Requires member states to employ nondestructive customs procedures or screenings in accordance with previous World Assembly legislation and otherwise of their choice on all goods entering or exiting national jurisdiction, to the extent that tests for invasive species on sampled goods guarantee a power of 99.7%,


    2. Mandates fines on goods that are found contaminated with species invasive to the area of the goods' destination and do not undergo effective decontamination procedures,


    3. Prohibits the intentional or careless transportation of live organisms of invasive species or goods contaminated with invasive species to or through areas where they pose a threat to agricultural ecosystems,


    4. Urges the imposition of tariffs on goods known to frequently harbor invasive species in response to nations that fail to adequately inspect outgoing shipping for such infestations,



  3. Continues to prohibit the use of invasive species against agricultural resources as an economic or military weapon,


  4. Urges member states to research the possibility of various species becoming invasive, especially toward agricultural ecosystems, and to communicate any knowledge of invasive species to other states and the World Assembly Science Program,


  5. Establishes the Agricultural Invasive Species Removal Service, and charges it with assisting, upon member states' request, in the removal or destruction of invasive species,


    1. Provides for the use of selective pesticides and herbicides, and means to capture or kill invasive fauna, to eliminate populations of invasive species causing harm to agricultural ecosystems, within the limitations of already existing World Assembly law and national law,


    2. Recommends that member states and the Agricultural Invasive Species Removal Service consider the use of flamethrowers and heavy artillery for the removal of particularly stubborn infestations of invasive species,


    3. Affirms that the Agricultural Invasive Species Removal Service are to use such equipment exclusively for the removal of invasive species, and may not use them for any reason against sapient creatures or their organizations.


Well, this is a special one. Wallenburg is an experienced GA regular. The drafting thread goes back half a year and eight main version. Yet somehow the proposal still manages to be kind of a mess.

The first thing that attracts the eye is the discord between name and category. In earlier drafts this still was in the environmental category but now it is tarrifs. While those are in the proposal, a few other categories are touched too. The definition in 1. is pretty broad thus putting very few limits on what this proposal would cover. On the other hand it is really questionable if a nation has to be told by international legislation to deal with detrimental invasive species. The minimum standard for tests in 2.a. feels pretty arbitrary. 3. only references an already passed resolution (one this proposal perhaps secretly wishes it could be?). 4. again is awfully broad, as basically every species could potentially be invasive while also not being mandatory thanks to the language used ('urges'). 5. tries to establish yet another agency and outright drifts into the bizarre. Flamethrowers and Heavy Artillery in 5 b.? Why not tactical nukes? Wouldn't be that big of a leap in this proposal...

If one tried to sum this proposal up into a few points it draws a weird picture:


Problem? - Invasive Species!

Solution? - Tarrifs and Fines!

Oh, and research basically everthing, just to be sure.

If everything else fails, call these international Ghost Weed Busters that'll bring flamethrowers and artillery!


Not exactly the first approach to this problem that comes to mind.

In the end this is also hardly a matter of international interest or human rights, failing my personal sniff test for a proposal. So in sum I'd recommend to vote against.

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