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[PASSED] Repeal: "Promoting Sustainable Timber"

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Repeal: “Promoting Sustainable Timber”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#422

Proposed by: kranostav__35827t2.pngKranostav

General Assembly Resolution #422 “Promoting Sustainable Timber” (Category: Advancement of Industry; Area of Effect: Protective Tariffs) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

This esteemed World Assembly,

Recognizing the laudable efforts and purpose to uphold the quality of timber production in order to provide a sustainable future for timber production,

Acknowledging that a complete ban of timber and timber product imports produced in ways non-compliant with the provisions set by this and preceding resolutions would be a detriment to timber industries of non-WA member nations,

Realizing this damage to the timber industry would decrease business and lower demand, which lowers prices and forces non-compliant nations to use cost-cutting, environmentally harmful methods of production for timber,

Further noting that this ban on importation would greatly hurt trade relations between WA and non WA member nations who consume timber and timber products,

Discerning that this will force WA member nations to spend a significant amount more importing ‘sustainable’ timber, especially when other nations can undercut the sustainable market with unsustainable practices,

Concluding that this resolution will ultimately harm the sustainability of timber rather than protect it, good intentions notwithstanding.

Hereby repeals GAR#422 Promoting Sustainable Timber.

This repeal attempts to tackle the target from both an economic standpoint (the 'Discerning' clause) and an environmental standpoint (the 'Realizing' clause). While I don't think that the arguments here are particularly compelling, they seem to hold up fine. Therefore, my recommendation is to vote 'for'.

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The repeal target was straddling the border of international importance to begin with. Given that many nations feel it overshot its target by enforing too strict regulations, a repeal seems to be inevitable, with half a dozen repeals being in various stages of drafting and this one ultimately now at vote. So this might be one of those cases where the direct repeal arguments don't have to present a foolproof case as long as a reasonable minimum of coherence and competence is displayed in the proposal.

Personally I am rather apathetic towards this topic but I will probably vote for.

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