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[PASSED] Condemn Wrapper

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condemn.pngCondemn Wrapper

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: wrapper__614134t2.jpgWrapper

Proposed by: ransium__343083t2.jpgRansium

The World Assembly,

Acknowledging that the nation of wrapper__614134t2.jpgWrapper has convinced many that they are attempting to improve the NationStates community;

However, while uncertain if it is due to malevolence or sheer incompetence, firmly convinced that each and every decision the leadership of Wrapper has made has had terrible consequences;

Forlorn that in repealing GA #351 “Nuclear Material Safeguards” the WA delegation of Wrapper allowed tinpot dictators and outlaw states easy access to nuclear materials while claiming to be hung up on the minutia of the word choice of the "wrong hands";

Questioning whether this was accidental considering Wrapper's WA staff have participated in illegal arms trading, which directly resulted in the arrest of the esteemed Ambassador Bell (representative of the commended nation of separatist_peoples__915898t2.pngSeparatist Peoples) and the firebombing of WA offices;

Distraught that through the WA delegation of their protectorate, imperial_polk_county__479545t2.jpgImperial Polk County, Wrapper passed "Ban On Ritual Sacrifice", which, while claiming to protect the vulnerable, actually trampled upon the religious rights of numerous nations to enforce so-called 'civilized standards';

Noting Imperial Polk County's WA Ambassador once raised money supposedly for 'hurricane relief' only to squander it at The Strangers' Bar;

Absolutely positively convinced that Wrapper's WA Ambassadors' attempts to build esprit de corps among other World Assembly representatives through karaoke night actually caused more than one nation to leave this august body;

Denouncing Wrapper for proclaiming to act in the best interest of the region of Stargate during their nearly two-year leadership, while actually allowing the region to be raided once and another time 'accidentally' abandoning post, and ultimately putting severe barriers from further immigration, placing the future of the region at risk;

Distressed that during Wrapper's brief leadership of the region of Monty Pythons Flying Circus via protectorate the_dead_parrot__331520t2.pngThe Dead Parrot, innocent nations trying to enter the region and contribute were ejected, creating a rift in the region that persists to this day;

Annoyed that Wrapper, via protectorate groot__238409t2.jpgGroot, repeatedly broadcasts the same subversive and redundant message across One Big Island of ‘I am Groot’, which is no doubt intended to undermine or provoke regional leadership;

Convinced that the above evidence shows conclusively that the nation of Wrapper has brought nothing but pain and suffering to all those they have tried to 'help';

Hereby condemns wrapper__614134t2.jpgWrapper.

Coauthored by herby__824219t2.jpgHerby.

It's been a while since I've seen an SC proposal that has its tongue firmly in its cheek. I'm all for humorous legislation and I'll admit that this made me smile at a couple of points, but it's blatantly obvious that Wrapper doesn't actually deserve a condemnation. The fact that this proposal to condemn Wrapper, a moderator, was itself submitted by a moderator is the icing on the cake, but Ransium is certainly someone who doesn't need the SC authorship badge (he's already got three, for Pete's sake!).

i'm going to be known as a spoilsport for this, but my recommendation is to vote 'against'. 

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