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[PASSED] Commend Texas

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commend.pngCommend Texas

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Texas

Proposed by: lenlyvit__563952t2.jpgLenlyvit

The Security Council,

Noting that Texas was formed barely one month after NationStates was created in late 2002, making it one of the oldest extant regions and among the first 100 regions.

Applauding that despite its age Texas has been able to maintain an active community through the use of its forum and weekly chats.

Acknowledging that shortly after its founding Texas formed an alliance, known as the Triumvirate, with two other communities, The Heartland and Wysteria, that still exists to this day, making it the longest lasting alliance in the world.

Thanking Texas for its dedication to the protection of others through its military, the Texas Defense Force(TDF), which has existed for over 15 years and is one of the oldest militaries in the world.

Praising Texas’s military for completing over 250 successful missions that freed native communities from enemy forces including:

· The defense of 10000 Islands in November 2003 against Empire of Power forces. This allowed 10000 Islands to live on and eventually form TITO, the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization, which was also recognized by SC#30 for its substantial contributions to NationStates.

· The liberations of Hell, Philippines, India, and Italia from invader forces numbering no less than 40 enemies each between 2003 and 2007.

· The five deployments to Lazarus, including the stabilization of the region after it was taken by Lone Wolves United in October 2005; The liberation against the Azaean Combine in 2007; The liberation against twelve raider organizations in August 2008; The liberation of Lazarus from the forces of The New Inquisition in November 2008; The counter-coup in 2015 against the New Lazarene Order, an occupation led by the New Pacific Order which was condemned in SC#174, SC#175, SC#176, SC#177, and its government has since apologized for.

· The deployment of their forces four times to the aid of The Rejected Realms(TRR), including the single day occupations of Red Kagran, delegate of Taijitu (2007); Emperor Matthuis, delegate of The North Pacific (2007); Aegara, delegate of Grand Central (2010); and their deployment to TRR after The Black Hawks conquered Illuminati in March 2017.

· The deployment of their forces to Osiris after the creation of the sinker region in October 2011, allowing the community to choose their own government without the threat of outside pressure and possibly its destruction before it could decide its fate.

· The assistance of the TDF in the liberation of Philippines on December 23, 2017 in a joint operation of thirteen organizations to beat The Black Hawks, which put natives back in control of the region before Christmas.

Believing that the community of Texas should also be recognized for the contributions it has made to the world as a whole, with eight passed General Assembly resolutions as well as three passed historical resolutions in the World Assembly's predecessor.

Admiring the Delegation of Texas for voting in 1277 consecutive votes in the World Assembly and its predecessor the UN , a record unrivaled by any other region.

Convinced that the community of Texas should be recognized for its outstanding contributions to NationStates as a whole,

Hereby Commends Texas.

Co-authored by the_united_royal_islands_of_euramathaniaThe United Royal Islands of Euramathania

Remember Repeal: 'Commend Texas'? Well, this is meant to be a replacement. I was meh on the repeal and I'm meh on this as well. My recommendation is to vote according to TWP's citizenry.

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