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[PASSED] Protection of Biomedical Research

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Protection Of Biomedical Research

A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.

Category: Health

Area of Effect: Research

Proposed by: tinfect_diplomatic_enclave__950159t2.pngTinfect Diplomatic Enclave

Recognizing the vast potential of biomedical research to improve and save the lives of the citizens of Member-States,

Applauding the great strides already made in the field by Member-States,

Seeking to greatly expand these efforts through the expansion and facilitation of International collaboration in the field,

And condemning the placement of unjust and illegitimate restrictions on life-saving biomedical research,

The World Assembly hereby;

Defines Biomedical Research as the fields of research investigating the causes of disease, disease prevention, treatment, and the mitigation or elimination of medical conditions including, but not limited to: Cancer, Paraplegia, and Motor Neuron Diseases,

Expands the mandate of the Biomedical Innovation Organization of the World Health Authority to include:

  1. Coordination of international efforts at biomedical research,

  2. Development of a set of minimum scientific and ethical standards for biomedical research, to be met by Member-States,

  3. Service as an advisory body for biomedical ethics organizations and biomedical ethics regulatory bodies within Member-States,

  4. Maintenance of an internationally-accessible database of ongoing biomedical research within Member-States, excepting information regarding research efforts which are protected by Member-States as a matter of security,



  1. That Member-States place no restrictions on biomedical research beyond those that are necessary to ensure that research efforts meet ethical and scientific standards,

  2. That Member-States rescind any and all biomedical research ethics standards and regulations that do not serve specifically to minimize or eliminate harm to life provably sentient or sapient at the time of research, and,


Clarifies that the above provisions are subject to extant legislation,

And reminds Member-States that any and all determinations of sapience or sentience are subject to extant World Assembly legislation and scientific procedure.

My opinion can be summed up by this post. Due to the reasons outlined in said post, my recommendation is to vote against.

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Weird proposal. Does relatively little, but what it does, it does in very broad strokes.

Hardly does what it says on the tin. Overall it feels like some fuzzy shell regulation to me. Also the more I read the corresponding discussion thread, the less I like this proposal. While I sympathize with the general sentiment of it, this draft really could have used a few more revisions.

Voted against.

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