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[PASSED] Commend The MT Army

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commend.pngCommend The MT Army

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: The MT Army

Proposed by: caelapes__696786t2.pngCaelapes

The Security Council,

Recognizing that the MT Army was founded as the armed wing of Mariner Trench on June 22, 2003, and has been a dedicated and widely-respected anti-fascist and anti-Nazi military force over the past fourteen years;

Emphasizing the importance of the MT Army, which worked alongside the Pacific Defenders, also known as Anti Nazi Alliance, in the early-to-mid-2000s as the vanguard of antifascist and anti-Nazi military efforts;

Pointing to the MT Army's invaluable contributions to the fight against fascism and hatred on NationStates, which includes

  • the destruction of hate-filled regions such as The URAP, an ancient Nazi region that had been a member of The Aryan Army;

  • assisting with the destruction of NAZI EUROPE in June 2014 and with the destruction of the Greater German Reich in November 2015, which had formerly been the largest and most detestable Nazi regions in the world;

  • administering Antifa, an association of antifascist military-focused regions, through the MT Army Leader vippertooth33__162237t2.jpgVippertooth33's control of its founding nation;

  • protecting the legacy of antifascist action in the world, including assuming responsibility for caretaking such regions as Genesis Defense Project and Anti Nazi Alliance, which, like the MT Army, were leaders in the antifascist struggle; and

  • maintaining control of hundreds of shut-down former Nazi regions as an ever-expanding museum against hate;


Pointing further to the MT Army's influence, support, guidance, and inspiration to later generations of antifascist militaries, such as The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army which have been recognized by Vippertooth33 as the third generation and current torchbearers of the antifascist movement that the MT Army helped to create and continues to shape;

Insisting that the MT Army's current activities as a part of Antifa and Ruining Nazi Sandcastles indicate a continuing commitment by the MT Army to the mission it established for itself over a decade ago, and that this long-term dedication to its cause is deserving of recognition; hereby

Vehemently Commends The MT Army.

I'm not intimately familiar with the nominee but any organisation that commits itself to fighting Nazis and fascists on NS is a commendable one in my books. Therefore, unless there are any objections, my recommendation is to vote 'for'.

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Being somewhat new to NS, I don't know any of the particulars that went on during the time mentioned by the proposal. However, the proposal seems to suggest a validation of one ideology over that of another. In the process of seeking out legitimate threats to the user base of NS, innocent users may find themselves ganged up by the condemnations of others, simply because they decided to pick one ideology over another. I am against the proposal as it seems to project a thinly veiled suppression of the freedom of expression.  

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