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[PASSED] Repeal: "Marriage Equality"

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Repeal: “Marriage Equality”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#410

Proposed by: imperium_anglorum__755029t2.pngImperium Anglorum

General Assembly Resolution #410 “Marriage Equality” (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

This august World Assembly,

Reminding itself that (i) legislation passed by the World Assembly cannot be amended or changed, only repealed, and that any correction of the problems noted in the target resolution would first require passage of a repeal, and (ii) there are no real good reasons to keep redundant legislation around,

Observing that the target resolution creates no practical protections beyond those already established in article 1, section 3 of 35 GA 'The Charter of Civil Rights', which prohibits discrimination in any 'reductive categorisation' except in cases of 'compelling practical purposes',

Astonished by the World Assembly's foresight in passing 35 GA 'The Charter of Civil Rights' to prohibit discrimination in marriage not only on reasons of sex but on other reasons, including gender, race, faith, and all other reductive categorisations, something which this resolution, ostensibly creating 'marriage equality', does not account for,

Troubled by the target resolution's imposition of a statist conception of marriage in section 1 of the target resolution upon nations in which no conception of marriage has existed in the first place, thereby imposing an oppressive institution with preferential rights upon nations in which no such oppression previously occurred,

Recalling similar legislation in the form of 15 GA 'Freedom of Marriage Act' that was already repealed on practically these exact grounds by 313 GA, which this Assembly passed and supported overwhelmingly at supermajority levels,

Concluding that repeal of this resolution will not eliminate the already-existing protections against discrimination in marriage that both predate this resolution in and are subsumed by 35 GA 'The Charter of Civil Rights', and

Calling for replacement of this legislation and its numerous spelling errors (e.g. recognising misspelt as 'regognizing', replacing the 'c' in the word with a 'g') with a well-drafted reasonably coherent replacement,

Hereby repeals 410 GA 'Marriage Equality'.

Let's see here. The repeal is well-written, makes compelling arguments, is authored by someone with experience and was actually drafted. Obviously, my recommendation is to vote against.

Nah, I'm just kidding. My recommendation is to vote in favour, of course.

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