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[PASSED] Marriage Equality

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Marriage Equality

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: the_provisional_state_of_nevada__667814tThe Provisional State of Nevada

The World Assembly:

REGOGNIZING: That the historical and cultural significance of marriage,

REGOGNIZING: That throughout history marriage has been the cornerstone of civilization

FURTHER REGOGNIZING: That many member state prohibit same-sex couples from enjoying the benefits and legal recognition of marriage.

RESOLVED: That all member states are required allow same-sex couples to apply for and receive state-authorized marriage,

RESOLVED: That all member states are prohibited from discriminating against same-sex marriages and treating them any differently than opposite gender marriages

RESOLVED: That same-sex couples have the right to be free from discrimination in regards to their public or private affection of one another

RESOLVED: That no member of a religious organization will be required to officiate over, or required to attend a same-sex marriage contrary to their religious belief

RESOLVED: that no legal difference shall be made between opposite-sex marriages and same-sex marriages.

CO-AUTHORED BY: Canadat2.pngNew Gren Artle

The author didn't bother drafting this thing and the co-author has a history of submitting shoddy proposals without any drafting whatsoever. This proposal also doesn't do much that isn't already covered by GA #35 a.k.a. The Charter of Civil Rights. I would strongly advise the Delegate to stomp the proposal out of the gate; if that isn't possible then it should be stomped ASAP.

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1 hour ago, Overthinkers said:

Making a strong comeback after a 2,000-vote stomp right out of the gate. And as expected, IA's got a verbose repeal ready to go, which I imagine will also pass.


*sighs* The General Assembly, ladies and gents!


It’s bureaucracy, politics, and government all rolled into one.

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Obviously, the Delegate has every right to cast his vote however he wishes. I respect that. That doesn't prevent me from expressing my disappointment, however. I can't help but feel as if the proposal wouldn't do as well if Dave didn't stack in favour.

That's just me, though.

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I am sincerely disappointed in the role Dave has taken. While I understand that it is Dave’s definitive decision, and I respect, I find it hard to believe that our Delegate chooses to support a proposal that has grammatical errors, has not been peer reviewed, and is already covered under the CoCR. It’s lucky we have a repeal ready.

But that’s my evaluation. If Dave chooses to support it, then I will.

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