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PASSED - Voting on the First Amendment to the Etiquette

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Voting on the First Amendment to the Etiquette of the Hall is now open! First official vote using a poll system!

The Amendment is as follows, with additions in red and removals with a strikethrough. 



Section 2: Legislative Procedure

(1) In order for a proposal to be brought to vote, a citizen must post the proposal in The Hall and move its approval, and another citizen must second the motion. It is then entered in queue by the Speaker and will be brought to the floor for discussion in a timely manner by the Speaker. The Speaker may determine the order in which proposals are brought to the floor to begin discussion

(1) Any citizen may bring a proposal to discussion before the Hall of Nations, by posting it in the appropriate forum. 

(2)  A discussion period of seven five days, beginning at the time a proposal is brought to the floor by the Speaker is posted, will be required before any proposal may be brought motioned to vote by a citizenAnother citizen must second the motion before the proposal can be brought to vote by the Speaker.

(3) A proposal may be withdrawn by the citizen who submitted it, any time before the voting period begins. A proposal that has been inactive on the floor for fourteen days without discussion, and has not been motioned to vote and seconded, will be withdrawn from the floor by the Speaker.

(4)  All votes shall take place for three days. Voting citizens may vote "aye," "nay," "abstain," or votes of clearly similar intent.

(5)  Abstentions may not be used to determine the outcome of any vote.

(6)  In elections, nominations do not require seconding, but must be accepted or declined by the nominee.

(7)  The Speaker may only cast a vote to break a tie.



Further discussion on this amendment can be found here

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