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[PROPOSAL]: Central Medicinal Database and Reforms Compact

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Nations of the WA:

Wishing to expand on the benefits provided by the creation of a centralized database of texts into the field of medicine;

Therefore, Hereby:

Establishes & constructs a WA Central Medicinal Database (WACMD), with the purpose of:
-Collecting medicinal knowledge possessed by the members of the WA,
-Archiving historical and present medicinal research and knowledge in a centralized digital database [with exceptions],
-Serving as a centralized nexus for submission of medical research and development of new knowledge by entities both government and private,
-Providing access of such information to WA nations, and ensuring the preservation of aforementioned medical knowledge,
-Providing administrative functions to regional research and healthcare centers in the form of funding and education;

Encourages that WA nations contribute [non-sensitive] existing medical knowledge to the WACMD database;

Provides funding for and encourages WA nations to pass legislation with the purpose of developing new medical knowledge and methods of treatment, and expanding national healthcare and research spheres;

Encourages that WA nations unable to provide affordable healthcare for their citizens accept the assistance of the WA in developing a capable form of such service, if in applicable governmental status and with appropriate confirmation of services;

Mandates for the fulfillment of these purposes, for the WACMD to undertake the:
- Archiving and iteration upon contributed medical knowledge,
- Integrating new received knowledge into international standards of medical care and treatment,
- Providing relevant collected knowledge to the pharmaceutical industry for the development of treatments and procedures,
- Dedicating effort and manpower to particular areas of medicinal research, with sufficient funding, at reasonable request,
- Establishment of a reasonable and fair program for investment and funding for the maintenance of such a database,
- Establishment of a WA committee for the oversight of funding and education for the purpose of developing healthcare and research spheres in applicable countries;

Mandates that WACMD establish such a program and division to oversee:
- Ongoing funding of medical research and study,
- The possible restrictions on certain types of knowledge (ex. sensitive information pertaining to biological warfare), only available through background checks,
- The creation and implementation of new standards of medical procedure, protocol, and operating guidelines, where applicable;

Tasks the Office of Building Management (OBM) to determine the optimal location of WACMD servers with the potential for:
- Defense against potential threats,
- Easy access and communication between WACMD servers and possible accessory structures for maintenance and communication;

Encourages WA Nations to promote healthcare, medicinal and pharmaceutical research;

Clarifies that WA member nations possess access and clearance to non-sensitive documents and information contained within the WACMD database;

Ensures the understanding of the WACMD as an entity independent from, albeit still obligated to, its donors, overseers, and WA supervisors;

Affirms the right for private entities to participate in their own research and production of medicinal and pharmaceutical goods and information;

Establishes a committee for the funding and expansion of WA nation healthcare sectors, pharmaceutical sectors, and medical research sectors.



General Assembly Forums & Submitted

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This forum is more for the WA Ministry to post recommendations and open discussions for proposals that have or soon will come to full vote, just so you know. And as I do not feel like going over the countless WA healthcare proposals, I have no idea as to this proposal's legality.

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